Brackish Bowties

It's a particular man that puts a lot of thought into his groomsmen gifts...

To reflect the natural beauty of the South, but elevate it with impeccable intricacy, Ben Ross handcrafted a set of turkey feather bow ties for the men in his wedding party in 2007. Today Ben and one of those groomsmen, Jeff Plotner, have an operation that honors artisan techniques, distinctive style and the spirit of the South--making their creations available to others who won't settle for ordinary accessories. Brackish is redefining tradition while crafting memorable yet personal pieces for the modern man's closet.

Every tie is handcrafted locally in South Carolina by a team of 50 artisans and production assistants. And because every single feather is hand selected, no 2 bow ties are exactly alike. Every tie is one-of-a-kind, a sustainable, wearable work of art. 

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